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Christ our life, service our lifestyle

What We Believe :::

As a Christian community, we believe that God works in our lives in many ways and that Jesus Christ was God’s Son who came to show us how to love God and love each other. And even though we make mistakes and often do things that are the opposite of what God wants us to do, God is a forgiving God and is constantly giving us a chance to start over and begin again to find that peace and relationship with Him.

As United Methodists, we were formed to be particularly focused on social issues and the idea of ‘grace’—that God’s gift of salvation is given to us freely. We don’t have to do anything but ask for it to receive it. And through receiving God’s grace, we are given opportunities to make the world a better place through mission and service. We believe that being baptized only once is sufficient to seal the covenant between God and us and anyone can be baptized at any age.

We believe that Christ invites all who love him and are asking forgiveness for their sins, to come and participate in communion. You don’t have to be a member of our church or ANY church to receive communion here which is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of each month and other special services throughout the year.