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Harvest of the Heart Sunday- Sept. 24

Harvest of the Heart Sunday is a time where we stock up on food for our two community outreach programs: Food Pantry and Emergency Food. We ask that people would donate items on the “Wish List” that is dispersed prior to the event. On the designated Sunday, all of the food donated is brought into the sanctuary and is blessed during the 10:30 a.m. worship service.

There will be a “Wish List” in the Sunday bulletin and attached to the brown grocery bags available in either the North or South Foyers. Take as many bags as you would like to fill. You may bring your Harvest of the Heart donations to the church throughout the month of September and leave them in or by the blue barrels in the hallways outside the sanctuary.

Please note that we cannot use anything that is beyond its expiration date!

If you would like to have your donations credited to your giving (with the understanding that this gift is above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings) bring a store receipt for the items with the total circled and your name and phone number written clearly on the receipt, or on something securely attached to it. Put your receipts in one of the jars by the blue barrels. You may want to make copies of the receipts for your own records.

Thank you for giving from the heart!

Click Here to see the “wish list.”

First Friday Concert Series featuring … MIKE HEMMELGARN – Oct. 6

Join us for a FREE concert at the church at Noon.

A front row seat could get a little scary when the bowling balls start to fly…or the knives, or the chainsaws. Oops…just kidding about the chainsaws. PLUS, meet Mike’s cast of ever changing characters that magically emerge from his bag of tricks! Audience participation guaranteed!