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Christ our life, service our lifestyle

Outreach & Missions :::

We like to think “outside the walls” as we put our faith into action. From making hospital visits to supporting our missionary members in Nepal, we are intentional about the importance of making our faith real in our daily lives. Connecting with community groups and international organizations are great ways to know you are making a difference in our world.

For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities call the church office at 513-423-4629.


Community Meal

Once a year we host a holiday meal in the fellowship hall for anyone who wants to come.  Help is always needed!

Patrons pay a percentage of the cost of basic food items.  The pantry is open on Tuesday from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m.  This program can always use more volunteers.

We can supply Emergency Food. This is a bag of basic staples that will feed up to 4 people for a few days. It is available to a patron 1x every 90 days.